We are committed to making our website as accessible as possible for all users. As part of this commitment we’ve recently added the ‘Recite Me’ toolbar, that enables users to change the appearance of the site to meet their individual needs. The wide range of new options include:


You can convert the text on a page to more than 100 languages such as Punjabi (see below):



Place your cursor at the start of a paragraph and you can listen to the content being read in a choice of over 60 languages:


You can change the font on the page as well as increasing or decreasing the size. You can also change the colour of the text and/or the background, plus add a reading ruler or letterbox mask. There are many options available to help you view the page in a way that suits your needs:


How to use the Recite Me functions:

Step 1: Click the 'accept cookies' option when you open the homepage on your browser

Step 2: Click the button at the top of the page


Step 3: Select the translate | listen | customise options that make the page more accessible

Note: Switch off the Recite Me functions at any time by clicking the red cross in the top right corner

Printed instructions

To download a one page copy of instructions Click Here >>>

Play Audio
Back: Rewind to the previous paragraph of text
Play: Click the Play button to read the text aloud
Forward: Skip forward to the next paragraph of text


Text Options
Decrease: This will decrease the text size
Font: You can change the font that displays on the page
Increase: This will increase the text size


Colour, Ruler & Screen Mask
Colour: Change the background, text and link colours
Ruler: Click to enable the reading ruler
Screen Mask: Will create a letterbox for focused viewing of a
section of the page


Dictionary, Translation & Magnifier
Dictionary: Highlight and click on this to find the definition of the word
Language: Translate text into a different language
Magnifier: Click and drag the magnifying glass to magnify text on the screen


Plain Text Mode, Margins & Audio Download
Text Mode: Remove images and view in plain text mode
Margins: Change the dimensions by narrowing the width of the column
Forward: Skip forward to the next paragraph of text


Settings: Adjust your Recite settings
Reset: This will restore the default settings
User Guide: Will give you an overview of the Recite Me Toolbar Features


Frequently Asked Question

Q: Do I need to download anything to enable Recite Me?
A: No. Recite Me is cloud-based software so there is no need to install anything on your computer.

Q: Does Recite Me work across different operating systems and mobile devices?
A: Yes. The toolbar works on multiple devices and operating systems including Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Windows devices.

Q: Can I save my Settings?
A: The Recite Me toolbar uses cookies to save user settings.