City Wide Care Alarms (CWCA)

City Wide Care Alarms is run by Sheffield City Council. It is an invaluable service for many people. They have a selection of alarms which you can buy, for a weekly fee, which includes the cost of linking the alarm to the CWCA service for assistance when needed.

There is a wide variety of alarms available. The most common is an alarm carried or worn round the neck, with a button to press if a user has a fall or other problem. This raises an alert to CWCA and they can then contact a family member or whoever has been agreed to be the main point of contact.

CWCA also have bed sensors, which raises an alarm if someone gets out of bed in the middle of the night. This will alert a carer that some assistance might be needed or that there is a risk of having a fall. They also have extreme temperature sensors, that raises an alert if a cooker or heater is left on by mistake. Tel 0114 242 0351 or Visit the Council website for more about CWCA >>>