Carers in Sheffield have access to the Digital Resource for Carers, provided by Carers UK and Sheffield Council.

This online resource offers valuable, comprehensive and up to date information for carers to support them in their caring role.  There are a number of sections with information, short e-learning sessions and links to more detailed information and resources. It is all free to access.

The main sections are:

Jointly App: Jointly is available to download as a mobile app from Apple or Google Play stores, and details are available at You can purchase a 'jointly circle app' for the person you're looking after with an one-off payment of £2.99. You can use jointly on your own to help organise the care you provide. Or you can invite as many people as you want to share the app and keep track of the care everyone is providing. There is no additional cost for you or the people you invite to join.

Health & Wellbeing: This covers resilience, coping strategies, wellbeing and mood, nutrition and taking a break.

Support for Caring: This includes a guide to self-advocacy, including sections on body language and tone, assertiveness, influencing and negotiating.

Financial planning: This includes thinking ahead: the cost of care and support, financial support (including with benefits, health costs, debt etc.) and managing someone’s affairs.

Technology and Caring:  This includes information on how technology can support caring, what solutions are available and how to access relevant products and services.

Working and skills: Three in five of us will become carers at some stage in our lives, and there are currently over three million working carers in the UK. 

Visit the Digital Resource website >>>

If you are using it for the first time, you will need to create new account. Type in your email address and a personal password which you need to remember, and the free access code #EFC9765  You only need to use this code once registering for a free account and you should see a webpage with this header:

You then have access to all of the resources on the site and you can use them as many times as you like. Just go to log in, type in your email address and personal password.