Many carers worry about what would happen if something unexpectedly stopped them from looking after the person they care for (eg if they were involved in an accident or became ill). So, we've included a Carer Emergency Card on the reverse side of our Carer Card. This helps alert others to the fact you're an unpaid carer and has space to provide details of two emergency contacts, who can support the person you care for.

If you're incapacitated or involved in an emergency, the two contacts on the card can be called. They may be a friend, neighbour or relative and we suggest you discuss and explain your plans with them before adding their details to the card.

You also need to know that alternative care arrangements can be put in place quickly and efficiently, and we suggest using the following guide and form to help with this.

Our Emergency Planning Guide >>>
This 4-page guided provides a comprehensive list of topics to consider when planning ahead.

Our Emergency Planning Form >>>
This 6-page form is a useful way to to keep all the important information that may be needed in one place. It covers areas such as the cared-for person's physical needs, their preferences and the key contact details. When completed, the Planning Form can be kept with the cared-for person's records or in a prominent place.

If you'd like help with the emergency plan, phone 0114 278 8942 or use our Contact Us >>> form.
Please use this link if you'd like more information about getting a Carer Card >>>