Our Time for a Break service aims to support you to have a break from your caring role. For some carers this will mean finding groups or activities at which you can forget your caring for a few hours or guidance on organising a sitting service. In other cases, we may be able to give you a small grant to enable you to take a break.

To use this service, please call our Carer Advisor team on 0114 272 8362

The Advisor will talk to you about your caring situation, how its affecting your life, and what could help you to continue caring. One of the ways may be support you having a break. This doesn't always mean going away.  For example, it may be a little regular time and space alone, or support to enjoy a hobby or sport, going to the cinema to see a film, or a night out.

We recognise how important it is for carers to have some time for themselves, and how difficult that can sometimes be. So, we'll look at ways to use any funds that are available to help carers have the break they need, where they couldn't otherwise do so. We also aim to expand the options available, to offer greater flexibility to find a way of having a break that fits individual needs and circumstances.