Looking after someone can be very rewarding, but it can also be challenging, and as a carer you may need support. This is especially true when the person you care-for is staying in hospital.

The aim of our 3-minute animated video is to help carers by outlining some of the issues you may need to consider and questions you might want to discuss with healthcare professionals.

The video is at its first stages of production, and we now need feedback from carers and healthcare professionals to make sure we have useful and practical advice.

So, we’re inviting carers and professionals to join us for an online demonstration of the video, then ask questions and share ideas on the content. This group session will last for a maximum of one-hour and the feedback can be made during the online discussions - or you can email us after the event.

The online event is from 2pm to 3pm on Monday 5 June and is part of our Carers Week programme.
Places are limited so if you would like to help please complete this form by Thursday 1 June >>>
We'll confirm details and send a link for the event on Friday 2 June.