Ways to maintain good health and wellbeing

Although looking after someone can be rewarding and give people a sense of purpose, it can also be draining on your own mental wellbeing and energy. It is important to find time for yourself to relax, so you have the strength and head-space to help the cared-for person. Regular events, such as going to the hairdressers or arranging to meet a friend (even if just for a short period of time) can help.

However, it may not always be possible to find time or to leave the house easily. There are lots of websites designed to encourage people to take a few minutes to relax. Even taking 10 minutes can have a huge beneficial impact on your mood and energy levels for the rest of the day. Alternatively, a 20 minute walk or watching a well-loved TV programme for 20 minutes can also help.

Our Carer Café and Carer Support Groups >>>
The Café is held at 10am every Friday. Carers meet in person on the second Friday of each month at the United Reformed Church in the City Centre (S1 2JB) and via Zoom on the other Fridays.

The Support Groups are held at various locations around Sheffield on a regular basis. They offer a friendly space to meet other carers and share experiences and support. Groups are usually run by community leaders, volunteers or carers themselves, although some are run by our staff.

Our Activity and Workshop Programme >>> 
We arrange a programme of activities and workshops throughout the year. These are designed to help carers share experiences and learn new skills. As well as activities to help you get a break from caring, we invite experts to run workshops around topics that will support you in your caring role. Some events are run by other local agencies, and some are run by our Carers Centre staff.

Free online video course from Carers UK >>>
Carers UK has developed a free to access e-learning course designed to help carers build strategies to maintain their physical and emotional wellbeing. The course looks at both aspects as each can have a significant impact on the other.

Free online guides from the NHS >>>
Use the link above to visit the NHS webpage with a list of short audio guides that cover topics such as (1) low mood and depression (2) anxiety control (3) sleep problems (4) low confidence and assertiveness (5) unhelpful thinking.